Registry of Patrons

TU Law expresses its sincere gratitude to the more than 1,500 individual and corporate donors to the Annual Fund through private gifts and the Law Firm Challenge, and to those who support the College's mission by way of student scholarships.

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*denotes deceased

$30,000 – $99,999

Pat (BS '68) and Ben (BS '66 JD '68) Abney

Catherine Gillis (JD '94) and William C. (JD '88) Carmody

$10,000 – $29,999

Sue Ann Arnall (BS '77 JD '80)

Wm. Stuart (JD '82) and Linda Mitchell (JD '02) Price

Cindy (BA '78) and Mark S. (JD '96) Skaggs

Margaret (JD '83) and Ross Swimmer

$5,000 – $9,999

1 Anonymous

James W. Essman, Esq. (JD '93)

Pamela and Curtis (JD '82) Frasier

Beverly Golden

John N. Hermes

Kay and Tim (JD '78) Phoenix

Barbara and Allen M. (JD '74) Smallwood

$2,500 – $4,999

Liz Forbes and Bill Andres (JD '95)

Sidney Dunagan (BA '65 JD '68)

Stephanie and Guy (BS '93 JD '96) Fortney

Sharon J. Bell (JD '85) and Gregory A. Gray (BS '76 JD '85)

Brian C. Johnson

Hannibal B. Johnson

Valda (JD '81) and Randy Kreie

Marcia (BS '75 JD '80) and Ron MacLeod

Sue (BS '84) and Kirk (JD '81) Moore

Ann L. (BS '70) and *Edwin W. (JD '69) Parker II

Jennifer J. and Jeffrey A. (JD '98) Risch

Beverly K. Smith (JD '87)

$1,000 – $2,499

Beatrice and Jason B. (JD '96) Aamodt

Andrew B.  Allen (BS '56 JD '65)

Angela S. and Bruce G. (JD '86) Almquist

R. Michelle Beale (BA '66 JD '77) and Richard H. Anderson

Patricia C. Anderson (BS '69)

Professor M. Thomas and Joan Arnold

Ginny and Robert L. Bayless, Jr.

Kristin D. and James J. Bender

Joe M. (JD '88) and Sara Bohannon

Robert A. and Nina Butkin

Linda J. and Joe A. (JD '66) Cannon

Kim and Rob Coretz

Kathie (JD '72) and John Coyle

Curtis L. Craig (JD '80)

Cheryl (BS '82) and Brett (BS '80 JD '84 MBA '85) Crane

Amy S. and William K. (JD '81) Elias

Robin R. (JD '84) and Kevin B. (JD '83) Fisher

Betty Jo and Robert J. (JD '67) Fulgency

Melinda and Ricky (BS '83) Gaddis

Lauren L. and Trevor R. (JD '10) Henson

Valerie Sunshine and Bryce A. (JD '85) Hill

Henry J. Hood

Betsy G. (JD '90) and Gerald L. (JD '90) Jackson

Lawrence F. Kaine (JD '66)

Chiu C. and Thomas J. (JD '77) Kellen

Dana (BA '73) and Larry H. (BS '71 JD '80) Lebold

Janet K. and Kenneth J. Levit

Professor Vicki J. Limas

Heather R. and Douglas J. (JD '95) May

Carol and Joseph R. (JD '59) McGraw

Catherine M. (JD '80) Cullem and Bruce A. (JD '80) McKenna

Ali M. Mojdehi (JD '82)

Bridget and John L. (JD '73) Olson

Susan F. and J. Christopher (JD '79) Redding

Tom and Cindy Roberts

Alice and A. Frank (BS '67 JD '70) Skipworth

Thomas (JD '79) and Jeanne St. Ville

Rachel Blue (JD '88) and Tom C. Vincent II

Virginia Walker

Patricia B. and James W. (BS '62 JD '65) Wallis

Cara E. (JD '05) and Joseph (JD '05) Wells

Carolyn (BS '67) and John R. (BA '65 JD '68) Woodard III

$500 – $999

H. I. Aston III (BA '65 JD '68) 

Mary R. (MA '85 JD '08) and John C. Bundren

Elizabeth W. (JD '10) and Jared M. (JD '10) Burden

Marylea Walker Byrd (JD '67)

Ms. Diane Cochran

Edward D. Cosden, Jr. (JD '71)

Betty H. Dalrymple (JD '67)

Hepsie H. and Ronald L. (JD '75) Davis

Sandra G. Jarvis (JD '88) and Mark E. Dreyer (JD '88)

Brian Edwards

Lyn S. Entzeroth

Martin A. Frey

Christina L. and Brian S. (JD '93) Kuhlmann

Ken Meredith, CPA

John Y. Myung (JD/MBA '89)

Denise M. and Ronald J. (JD '81) Nelson

Vivian and Michael L. (BS '71 JD '76) Nemec

Delia M. (JD '02) and Joseph E. (JD '02) Ritch

Hugh M. Robert (BA '98 JD '08)

Susan H. and D. Scott (JD '90) Rogerson

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred I. Sanditen

Jonathan D. Schwartz, Jr. (JD '62)

Brooke (BS '04 MBA '09) and Andrew (BS '03 MBA '05 JD '08) Shank

Georgia L. and Kenneth P. (JD '70) Snoke

Lauren M. (JD '09) and David J. (BA '00) Williams

Hannah J. and Samuel Wiseman

$101 – $499

2 Anonymous

Tonya R. Atkinson (JD '01)

Mary Helen (BS '78) and David S. (JD '78) Barnes

Marilyn and Lowell A. (JD '81) Barto

Michael F. (JD '91) Smith and Christopher U. (JD '09) Brecht

Julie D. and Paul J. (JD '81) Cleary

Kelly J. Conyers

Barbara E. Cordell (JD '04)

Dana and Charles E. (BS '76 JD '79) Creekmore

Rachelle and Geoffrey B. (JD '95) Dashner

Shawn M. Dellegar (BS '00 JD '06)

Annette and Bob Ellis

Brett P. Gwartney (BA '07 JD '10)

Anne E. (MS '83) and Guy C. (JD '83) Hall

Ann Carol Domin (JD '87) and C. George Haralson

Andrea K. and Craig R. (JD '75) Hedin

Taiawagi Helton (JD '99)

Sally and Roger H. (JD '72) Hilfiger

The Honorable Jane P. Wiseman (JD '74) and Jim Hodges

Barbara I. Campbell (BS '82 JD '88) and Jerry Hogan

Matthew Ingham (JD '08)

Pam Ingham

Karen and Robert M. (JD '83) Janes

John E. Johnson (JD '99)

Alex Kennedy (BS '71 JD '74)

L. Riley Kern (JD '14)

Julie (BS '88) and Jeffrey D. (JD '88) Knight

Mr. (JD '94) and Mrs. Kristofer P. Langholz

Maureen Lawler (BS '84 JD '88)

Jennifer J. and James J. (BS '91 JD '98) Lester

Calvin M. Moniz (BS '06 MBA '08 JD '15)

Patricia A. Loveland (BA '84 JD '95) and William M. Mulkey

Cheryl G. and Paul J. (JD '70) Nangle

J. Stephen Neas (BS '97)

Cheryl A. Jackson (JD '09) and Jared K. Nelson (JD '09)

Elizabeth Crewson Paris (BS '80 JD '87)

Tamara R. Piety

Lisa (JD '83) and Jim (BS '75 JD '83) Proszek

Mari D. Ramsey (JD '91)

Sheila and Richard Reighard

Sally A. (BS '84) and R. Louis (BS '78 JD '82) Reynolds

Christi L. Rogers

Timothy L. Rogers (JD '08)

Allison G. and Jason A. (JD '11) Seigars

Steven Seldowitz (JD '81)

Norka Sifontes (JD '83)

Roena M. Stander (JD '54)

Suzanne K. and Michael A. (JD '77) Steger

Elizabeth and Charlie (BS '72 JD '75) Teal

Gregory J. Tonner (JD '82)

Diane and Max Wells

Kimberly R. (JD '14) and Chad Wendell

Carol E. Whitaker (BS '80)

Margaretand Richard (JD '84) Wieland

Nanci M. and Bradford J. (JD '70) Williams

Lauren and Christopher (JD '08) Wilson

$100 and under

13 Anonymous

Laural L. and The Honorable Eric R. (JD '77) Adams

Susan L. and Thomas M. (JD '72) Affeldt

Paula and Daniel W. (BA '64 JD '67) Allan

Philip S. Ashley (JD '76)

A. E. Aston

Barbara Aston 

Joanna C. and Clayton M. (JD '15) Baker

Rhiannon K. (BA '00 JD '09) and Michael H. Baker

Gloria and David (BS '58 JD '65) Barry

Angela (JD '94) and R.D. Scott Beehler

Geoffrey H. Beeson (BS '04 JD '07)

Suzanne F. Berry (JD '92)

Barbara and Donald (BA '66) Blackburn

Marianne and Chris Blair

Cindy McFarlin Boese (BS '75 JD '94)

Amber M. Brock (JD '09)

Benjamin J. Brown (JD '12)

Martin A. Brown (BA '92 MA '97 JD '00)

Rita M. (BS '04 BA '04) and Taylor A. (BA '02 JD '06) Burke

Jennifer M. and Daniel V. (JD '05) Carsey

Bran D. Carter (JD '15) 

Christy M. (BA '02 JD '05) and Anthony J. Caves

Harry W. Champ (JD '95)

Monica Champ

James C. Choo (JD '94)

Maryaye A. and William G. II (JD '85) Collins

Sheila (JD '87) and Glen Condren

Nathalie Schaefer (JD '15)

Gary W. Crews (JD '90)

Cleo E. (BS '83) and Karig P. (JD '86) Culver

Jean Cunningham-Waters (BS '79 MA '86 JD '89)

John Brian Desbarres (BS '83 JD '87)

Jodie M. Justiss (JD '98)

Sharon and Ned (JD '86) Dismukes

Jan and Doug (JD '81) Eaton

Florence and James H. (BS '56 JD '58) Essman

Marietta and Dave (BS '83) Fernandes

John S. Galowitch (JD '81)

Thomas D. Goldberg (JD '78)

Alan Goldsmith

David Goldsmith (JD '17)

Wendy and Jason Grady

Larry F. (BS '66) and Sandy Grindstaff

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Grundy

Janet Gulbis (JD '98)

Andrea and James A. (JD '83) Harrington

Nancy L. (MS '85) and Glenn A., Jr. (JD '85) Harrison

Deanna and Thomas (JD '97) Hatfield

*Fred Henninghausen (JD '83) 

Ellen and Phil (JD '80) Hof

Evelyn (BA '72 MA '74 JD '92) and Dan (BS '72 JD '76) Hutchison

Zachary Keen (JMB '16)

Ryan Keith (JD '07)

Sabah Khalaf (JD '10)

Jeffrey P. Krigel (JD '12)

Jacqueline and K. Casey (JD '87) Kurth

Deborah P. (JD '76) and Allen (JD '74) Kynes

Jordan J. (JD '09) and Paul M. La Raia (JD '10)

Jennifer and Matthew Lamkin

Janet and James W. (JD '91) Lane, Jr.

Shannon T. and Edward C. (JD '98) Lange

Daniel A. Levy (JD '14)

Richard H. Magnis (BS '80 JD '83)

Thomas M. Matthews (JD '02)

Charlotte and Mark E. (JD '98) McCullough

Angela N. Monroe (JD '10)

Danielle M. and Scott V. (JD '10) Morgan

Tish and Gene (JD '68) Mortensen

Sharon L. and Steven R. (JD '81) Natenberg

Kathleen and Paul D. (JD '84) Newton

Theresa G. Dreiling (JD '87)

Vanessa W. and Richard B. (JD '75) Noulles

Kelly P. O'Neill (BA '99 JD '07)

Mia N. and Jason L. (BS '03 JD '12) Parker

Summer E. and Ryan A. (JD '12) Pittman

Anna C. Lukeman (JD '15)

Phyllis A. (JD '00) and Marco A. Rico Flores

Thelma Riggs (BS '81)

R. Dean Rinehart (JD '56)

Samantha C. Roberts (JD '10)

Professor Judith V. Royster

Julie C. and Raymond F. (JD '98) Runyon

Daniel C. Santos (BS '17)

Kirk R. Schauer (JD '10)

Anita L. (JD '80) and James W. Schepker

Linda J. (BS '87) and Stephen A. (JD '76) Schuller

Deborah (JD '80) and Lawrence (JD '79) Schwartz

Rosemary J. Seiwald (JD '06)

Victoria Q. (BS '99) and Terry H., II (JD '00) Smith

Beverly A. (JD '88) and Richard B. Stewart

Dallas L. Strimple, Esq. (JD '10)

Dee A. and V. Bruce (JD '74) Thompson

Joseph S. (JD '68) and Candice J. Troia

Mary Beth Vasco (JD '84)

Mr. Ken Waters

Adam K. Weilacher (MJEL '17)

William C. West (JD '08)

Kristin R. (JD '01) and Jacob W. White

Kimberly R. and Kenneth L. (JD '81) Wire

J. Frank Wolf, III (JD '85)

L. Wayne Woodyard (JD '76)

Catherine L. (MA '98) and Rex J. Zedalis