The Gary D. Allison Endowed Scholarship in Law


Professor Gary D. Allison has inspired his students and colleagues in The University of Tulsa College of Law with his distinguished scholarship and extraordinary teaching for more than 40 years. A proud TU alumnus, Professor Allison earned his BS in Economics and Psychology in 1968 followed by a JD in 1972 from TU, before earning his LLM from Columbia University in 1976 in the area of economic regulation.

Professor Allison taught courses in a wide array of subjects, including constitutional law, water law, regulated industries, administrative law, oil and gas law, civil procedure, criminal procedure, environmental law, hazardous substances control, and seminars on children’s rights and federal energy policy. His prolific scholarship includes a casebook on regulated industries and numerous articles on constitutional law and energy policy, as well as law reviews, books, and book chapters on a variety of subjects. Professor Allison also lent his expertise to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission as special counsel, helping to organize and write a study of the issues the OCC encountered in deciding whether to adopt various public utility standards proposed in the landmark Public Utilities Policies Act of 1978.

Professor Allison served in a number of leadership positions in the College of Law during his tenure, including as Director of the Sustainable Energy & Resources Law (SERL) Program (2012-2017), as Vice Dean of the College of Law (2008-2012), as the Director of the College’s Public Policy Certificate Program (1996-2009), and as Associate Director of the College’s National Energy Law and Policy Institute (1979-1983), as well as serving as a member of the College of Law Self-Study Team in 2008.

Gary Allison has given freely of his time and talent to support worthy organizations and causes, including Tulsa Lawyers for Children, Tulsa Educational & Cultural Heritage (TEACH – an organization he co-founded), Oklahoma Water Resources Board, Growth Oklahoma, Citizens Organized to Reform Education, and Citizen Action for Safe Energy (CASE), just to name a few. Professor Allison also served as the Pro Bono Counsel of Record in five Oklahoma Supreme Court challenges to initiative petitions concerning state government reorganization, abortion rights, education reform, and congressional term limits.

TU Law appreciates the following donors who gave to the Allison Scholarship in 2017:


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