Registry of Patrons

TU Law expresses its sincere gratitude to the more than 1,500 individual and corporate donors to the Annual Fund through private gifts and the Law Firm Challenge, and to those who support the College's mission by way of student scholarships.

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*denotes deceased

$50,000 – $99,999

Pat (BS '68) and Ben (BS '66, JD '68) Abney

$10,000 – $49,999

Sue Ann Arnall (BS '77, JD '80)

Catherine Gillis (JD '94) and William C. (JD '88) Carmody

Doris and Larry Darden

Wm. Stuart (JD '82) and Linda Mitchell (JD '02) Price

Susan S. (BA '48) and Robert L. (MS '47) Rorschach

Cindy (BA '78) and Mark S. (JD '96) Skaggs

$5,000 – $9,999

Pat and Mike (DB '05) Case

Amber (JD '03) and D. Mitchell (JD '04) Garrett

Kay and Tim (JD '78) Phoenix

Barbara and Allen M. (JD '74) Smallwood

Vicki and Dwight L. (BA '78, JD '81) Smith

Margaret (JD '83) and Ross Swimmer

Virginia Walker

$3,000 – $4,999

R. Michelle Beale (BA '66, JD '77) and Richard H. Anderson

Sidney Dunagan (BA '65, JD '68)

Stephanie and Guy (BS '93, JD '96) Fortney

Sue A. (BS '82) and Kirk A. (JD '81) Moore

$1,500 – $2,999

Ellen G. and Stephen J. Adelson

Angela S. and Bruce G. (JD '86) Almquist

Liz Forbes and Bill Andres (JD '95)

Sharon J. Bell (JD '85) and Gregory A. Gray (BS '76, JD '85)

Reine-Anne and Frederic Dorwart

Pamela and Curtis (JD '82) Frasier

Lisa and Bob (JD '86) Haslam

Jan and Jeffrey (JD '91) Hills

Catherine M. (BS '65) and David F. (BS '62, JD '64) James

Brian C. Johnson

Chiu C. and Thomas J. (JD '77) Kellen

Patricia K. (JD '82) and J. Patrick (JD '84) Kelly

Alex Kennedy (BS '71, JD '74)

Melanie B. and Daniel R. Ketchum III

Valda (JD '81) and Randy Kreie

Heather R. and Douglas J. (JD '95) May

Mr. (JD '80) and Mrs. Kirk T. May

John Y. Myung (JD/MBA '89)

G. W. Newton

John M. and Lucia Miller O'Conner

Robert Rudolph (JD '79)

Alice and A. Frank (BS '64, JD '70) Skipworth

A. Mark Smiling

Beverly K. Smith (JD '89)

W. Kirk Turner

Carolyn (BS '67) & John R. (BA '65, JD '68) Woodard III

$1,000 – $1,499

Andrew B. Allen (BS '56, JD '65)

Patricia C. Anderson (BS '69)

Ginny and Robert L. Bayless, Jr.

Rachel Blue (JD '88) and Tom C. Vincent II

Joe M. (JD '88) and Sara Bohannon

Harold E. Brown, Jr. (JD '79)

Shena E. Burgess (JD '00)

Linda J. and Joe A. (JD '66) Cannon

Kathie (JD '72) and John Coyle

Cheryl (BS '82) and Brett (BS '80, JD '84, MBA '85) Crane

Shelley and G. Michael Dill

James W. Essman, Esq. (JD '93)

Betty Jo and Robert J. (JD '67) Fulgency

Bette and Michael L. Graves

Frank X. IV (JD '03) and Katie Henke

Valerie Sunshine and Bryce A. (JD '85) Hill

Betsy G. (JD '90) and Gerald L. (JD '90) Jackson

Linda and William (JD '74) LaSorsa

Vivian and Michael L. (BS '71, JD '76) Nemec

Ginny (BA '93) and *Jim (BA '57, JD '59) Poe

Jennifer J. and Jeffrey A. (JD '98) Risch

Hugh M. Robert (BA '98, JD '08)

Tom and Cindy Roberts

Stephanie K. and R. Thomas Seymour

Thomas (JD '79) and Jeanne St. Ville

Cara E. (JD '05) and Joseph (JD '05) Wells

Professor Raymond L. and Lynn J. Yasser

$500 – $999

1 Anonymous

Barbara E. (BS '72) and *Edwin W. (JD '65) Ash

Elaine and H. I. (BA '65, JD '68) Aston III

Eric M. Bohne

Luke A. Bomer (BS '03, JD '06)

Elizabeth W. (JD '10) and Jared M. (JD '10) Burden

Mary Quinn (JD '86) and Frank V. (JD '86) Cooper

Lawrence L. Crynes (PhD '93)

Hepsie H. and Ronald L. (JD '75) Davis

Stephanie K.B. and Matthew S. (JD '05) Farris

Karen S. (BS '70) and Richard T. (BS '71, JD '74) Garren

John N. Hermes

Christina L. and Brian S. (JD '93) Kuhlmann

L. Andre Lam (JD '90)

Dana (BA '73) and Larry H. (BS '71, JD '80) Lebold

Kirk B. Lenhard (JD '74)

Susan (MA '96) and Robert Mase

Calvin M. Moniz (BS '06, MBA '08, JD '15)

Denise M. and Ronald J. (JD '81) Nelson

Janet (BS '81, JD '85) and Edward Reincke

Susan H. and D. Scott (JD '90) Rogerson

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred I. Sanditen

Brooke (BS '04, MBA '09) and Andrew (BS '03, MBA '05, JD '08) Shank

Pete Silva, Jr. (BS '72, JD '74)

Georgia L. and Kenneth P. (JD '70) Snoke

DeeDee and Jon R. Stuart

Hannah J. and Samuel Wiseman

$100 – $499

9 Anonymous

Tonya R. Atkinson (JD '01)

Kayla Acebo Hale and John Hale (BS '90, MS '93, PhD '97)

Susan L. and Thomas M. (JD '72) Affeldt

Michael H. and Rhiannon K. (BA '00) Baker

Mary Helen (BS '78) and David S. (JD '78) Barnes

Suzanne M. and Reginald D. Barnes, Jr.

Diane and George (JD '82) Barr

Gloria and David (BS '58, JD '65) Barry

Marilyn and Lowell A. (JD '81) Barto

David Bear (JD '69)

Sam F. Halabi and Jenelle Beavers

Lewis A. (JD '81) Berkowitz

G. Philip Bernstein (JD '74)

Jeffrey G. Berry (JD '74)

Jane and Tom F. (BS '60, JD '69) Birmingham

Mary N. Birmingham (BS '69, JD '77)

Pat and Mel Bloomfield

David Boles

Faith and Daniel (JD '76) Boudreau

Elaine Breckinridge

Kenneth L. Brune (JD '74)

Dennis R. (BA '83) and Melodie Freeman (JD '88) Burney

Andrew J. Butcher (JD '07)

Marylea Walker Byrd (JD '67)

Ruth N. Calvillo (JD '16)

Barbara I. Campbell and Jerry Hogan

Emily A. (JD '02) and Samuel B. (JD '02) Cantey

Julie D. and Paul J. (JD '81) Cleary

Michael J. (JD '83) and Karen M. Colmerauer

Kelly J. Conyers

William J. Cooksey (JD '74)

Quinn A. (JD '15) Cooper and Luke B. Eves

Martha and David Cordell

Barbara E. Cordell (JD '04)

Edward D. Cosden, Jr. (JD '71)

Dana and Charles E. (BS '76, JD '80) Creekmore

Clyde V. Crutchmer (JD '82) 

Cleo E. (BS '83) and Karig P. (JD '86) Culver

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Davis

The Honorable Michael D. DeBerry

Shawn M. Dellegar (BBA '00)

John E. Dowdell (JD '81)

Theresa G. Dreiling (JD '87)

Bob and Dede Duncan

Katherine E. Dunning (JD '16)

Lynn and Joel (JD '92) Euler

Marietta and Dave (BS '83) Fernandes

April M. (BA '90, JD '93) and George F. Fox

John S. Galowitch (JD '81)

Travis W. Grafe (JD '02)

Kelly M. (JD '92) and Charles (JD '87) Greenough

Edith A. Gregory (JD '86) 

Larry F. (BS '66) and Sandy Grindstaff

Janet Gulbis (JD '98)

Rachel E. Gusman (JD '08) and Edward D. Zepeda (MBA '04)

Brett P. Gwartney (BS '07, JD '10)

Marjorie L. Haley

Anne E. (MS '83) and Guy C. (JD '83) Hall

Kathleen and James (JD '68) Hall

Ann Carol Domin (JD '87) and C. George Haralson

Janie E. and Roland V. (MBA '72) Harris

Deanna and Thomas (JD '97) Hatfield

Pamela B. and Joseph Hawes, Jr.

Andrea K. and Craig R. (JD '75) Hedin

Jessalyn M. Hinson (JD '16)

Elizabeth C. Hocker

Ellen and Phil (JD '80) Hof

Jeanine and Charles (JD '74) Hogshead

Susan and William Hicks (JD '82) Huffman

Sandra G. Jarvis (JD '88) and Mark E. Dreyer (JD '88)

Col. William Joyce (JD '56)

Jodie M. Justiss (JD '98)

Ann E. (JD '06) and Thomas A. Keele, Jr.

Sabah S. Khalaf (JD '10)

Kathryn J. (JD '01) Kindell

Barbara J. King (BS '77)

Arthur B. Krause (LLM '16)

Richard Krause

Jeffrey P. Krigel (JD '12)

Andrea R. Kunkel (BA '83, JD '86) and John R. Peters

Jacqueline and K. Casey (JD '87) Kurth

Jonas M. Lacina (JD '12)

Linda S. Lepak

Eric I. Lerner Esq. (JD '78)

Professor Vicki J. Limas

Patricia A. Loveland (BA '84, JD '95) and William M. Mulkey

Barbara (MS '82) and James E. (JD '78) Lowell

Anna C. (JD '15) Lukeman

Frank C. and Tricia (BA '84) McDonald

Jason McVicker (JD '12)

Martha P. and William C., Jr. (JD '77) Menges

Janice and Stanley (JD '78) Monroe

Cheryl A. Jackson (JD '09) and Jared K. Nelson (JD '09)

Chrissi (JD '08) and Jim Nimmo

Dr. Marian L. Olson (EDD '69)

Mildred E. Otey and Sam P. Daniel III

Linda C. (PHD '94) and Johnny C. Parker

Kendall W. (JD/MBA '91) Parrish

Alan A. (BA '62 JD '70) and Madelyn A. Pason

Melinda (BS '80) and Drew (JD '91) Phillips

Tamara R. Piety

Scott J. Preble (JD '82)

Lisa (JD '83) and Jim (BS '75, JD '83) Proszek

Sheila and Richard Reighard

Timothy L. Rogers (JD '08)

Dana A. Roosa (JD '90)

Ralph J. Salerno (JD '66)

Adam R. Scharn (JD '12)

Jonathan D. Schwartz, Jr. (JD '62)

Deborah (JD '80) and Lawrence (JD '79) Schwartz

*Suzanne M. Seibert

Steven Seldowitz (JD '81)

Paige N. Shelton (JD '04) and Michael D. Christian

Brian J. Shepherd (JD '13)

Stephanie D. and Robert W. Shipley

Teresa M. and Blake B. (JD '11) Shipley

Thomas R. Simpson, Jr. (JD '72)

Renee Demoss and Neal J. (BS '83) Sperry

Mark L. Springer (JD '87)

Roena M. Stander (JD '54)

Suzanne K. and Michael A. (JD '77) Steger

Elizabeth Daniel and Michael Stone

Dallas L. Strimple, Esq. (JD '10)

Kathy and James T. (JD '79) Stuart

Garry Teesdale (JD '74)

Rodney A. Thomas

Dee A. and V. Bruce (JD '74) Thompson

Gregory J. Tonner (JD '82)

Sebastian J. Troia

Katherine C. Troia

Cynthia C. (BS '75, JD '78) and Carl J., Jr. (JD '78) Troia

Mary Beth Vasco (JD '84)

Anonymous (JD '74)

Lisa and Craig H. (JD '80) Walker

Melvin R. Walters (JD '67)

Diane and Max Wells

Carol E. Whitaker (BS '80)

Richard (JD '84) and Margaret Wieland

Robert D. Wilhite III (JD '04)

D. Kenyon, Jr. (BS '74, JD '77) and Teresa Williams

John L. Williams (BS '88, JD '92)

Lauren M. (JD '09) and David J. (BA '00) Williams

Julianne Wisman (JD '16)

Richard Wisman

Susan Witt

The Honorable Charles S. Woodson (JD '57)

L. Wayne Woodyard (JD '76)

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wunder

Merlaine A. Angwall and John S. Zarbano (JD '79)

$1– $99

2 Anonymous

Maureen and Charles Adams

Cheryl E. and Honorable Robert O. (JD '74) Baldi

Geoffrey H. Beeson (BS '04, JD '07)

Mary Francis (BA '61) and Daniel M. (BS '60) Bisett

Martin A. Brown (BA '92, MA '97, JD '00)

Pamela J. and Gordon B. (BA '63, JD '66) Cecil

James C. Choo (JD '94)

Ken Waters and Jean Cunningham-Waters (BED '79, MA '86, JD'89)

Phyllis and Tom Devery

Lauren (JD '07) and David Donald

Emily Y. Duensing (JD '75)

Jan and Doug (JD '81) Eaton

Randy D. Edmonson (JD '98)

Rivka L. and M. Nicholas (JD '78) Efros

Florence and James H. (BS '56, JD '58) Essman

Martha and Gilbert Ferguson

Kristin M. Fulton (JD '06)

Barbara and Jake W. (JD '84) Gage

Thomas D. Goldberg (JD '78)

Bryan M. Harrington, Esq. (JD '06)

Gail W. Harris (BS '81 JD '84)

Carey L. (BA '90) and Tony W. (JD '84) Haynie

Helen G. (BS '87) and Curtis N. (JD '88) Hedger

Lorraine and Michael W. (JD '80) Hoadley

Janet K. and Tom L. (JD '71) Holland

Marian L. (BA '55) and *James D. II (BS '57, JD '63) Hull

lvin D. Hunt (JD '91)

Matthew Ingham (JD '08)

Pam Ingham

John E. Johnson (JD '99)

Jordan J. (JD '09) and Paul M. La Raia (JD '10)

Thomas H. Landrum (BS '08)

Shannon T. and Edward C. (JD '98) Lange

James (JD '83) and Kimberly Love

Ira J. Lowitz (JD '79)

Richard H. (BS '80, JD '83) and Deborah Magnis

Connie M. Nader

Sharon L. and Steven R. (JD '81) Natenberg

Kathleen and Paul D. (JD '84) Newton

Mia N. and Jason L. (BS '03, JD '12) Parker

Robin J. and Shanann P. (JD '90) Passley

Beverly and Chris (JD '04) Ray

Jeannie and Peter K. (JD '85) Reilly

Phyllis A. (JD '00) and Marco A. Rico Flores

Thelma Riggs (BS '81)

Linda J. (BS '87) and Stephen A. (JD '76) Schuller

Rosemary J. Seiwald (JD '06)

Marion and Curtis J. (BS '67, JD '79) Shacklett

Teresa and Dwayne (JD '84) Steidley

Michael T. Sullivan (BA '09, JD '11)

George B. Suppes, Jr. (BS '67, JD '69)

Lorena Rivas (JD '12) and Shawn Tiemann

Cinda and Philip H. (JD '75, MBA '83) Viles

Robert J. Walpole (JD '82)

Kristin R. (JD '01) and Jacob W. White

Yvonne C. (JD '78) White

Andrea M. and Aaron W. (BS '12, MBA '13) Wright

Marguerite M. and Daniel R. Young